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Winmau Blade 5 Championship Dartboard

The Winmau Blade 5 now features the Rota-Lock system which utilises triple wheel locators to allow the dartboard to be fitted to virtually any surface in a matter of minutes for a solid, level fit – no wedges or chocks required.

Winmau Blade 5 Championship Dartboard









  • Unique Wiring Design
  • Easy Setup
  • Good Price


  • None

Winmau Blade 5 Championship Dartboard


What Winmau Say

The Blade 5 pushes the boundaries of dartboard technology to its limits. The new wiring system allows for 9mm² extra scoring area in the doubles and 6mm² extra scoring area in the trebles, with a 14% reduction in web surface area for higher scoring.

The Dynamic Sector Wires are 20% thinner and the Radial Wires are 10% thinner for greater scoring potential. The Blade angle has been reduced from 90 degrees inclusive to 60 degrees inclusive, and the Ultimate Tensile Strength of the Dynamic Sector Wire has been increased by 20% to ensure that dart points glide past the wire and into the scoring bed.

A new bullseye and 25 ring feature carbon diffusion technology for an ultra-hard surface and improved performance and durability. The Blade 5 now includes the Rota-Lock triple-wheel lock and level system for a secure fit and easy rotation.


Winmau Blade 5 Championship Dartboard

Our Thoughts:


I have been using this board for a few months now and I must say as dartboards go this is pretty darn good.

The set up was easy especial with the three wheel levelling system that Winmau use, the board doesn’t move when you have it set up correctly. The three wheels are rotated until the board actually locks to the wall.

The boards unique wiring is great it is thin and sits well into the board, it allows for more great shots and less knicking of the dart itself.

As with all boards if you look after them you will have them for a good while.

If you are looking for a new dart or just starting out I would highly recommend this board, even though there might be cheaper boards you get what you pay for and this is certainly the step in the right direction.

There is also another model in the blade 5 which is dual core it has a smoother look and is also in the professional range of boards


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